The Consortium

In November 2014, with the aim of protecting the quality of Made in Italy production worldwide, the Italian Consortium of Artesan panettone (CIPA) was founded.


The brand therefore protects the production of yeast products that follow the strict protocols of the Consortium.

Aims of the Consortium

The most important aim of the Consortium is to protect both the consumer and the craftsman from products that do not meet quality requirements. Everyone, when buying a CIPA brand panettone or Colomba, will be sure that the product is prepared with live sourdough and processed by a master pastry chef, who has signed the strict rules of the Consortium itself. The product, therefore, will certainly be free of preservatives, ingredients from GMOs or hydrogenated fats. The artisan, choosing to join the consortium, will instead have the opportunity to increase his business thanks to the certified quality of his product and the wide showcase that the Consortium offers him through the promotion of the brand.

To this primary aim, then, is added the will of the Consortium to create a group with strong purchasing power towards companies producing raw materials for production, packaging and services related to the promotion of the brand, in order to obtain economic advantages for the affiliates themselves. Finally, the last objective of the Consortium is to promote the brand, and the products connected to it, all over the world by adopting the opportunities provided by bodies and organisations that provide funds for the internationalization of these associations.

Protection and security

Among the institutional tasks of the Consortium, the supervision of the finished product placed on the market is of particular importance. The section of the technical committee, with the help of expert professionals, has competence over the entire national territory, taking samples on the market and verifying their conformity with the established parameters. Moreover, where irregularities within its competence are detected, it will implement the procedure for requesting expulsion from the consortium, which it will submit to the Board of Directors in case of reiteration.


Board of Directors

Amerigo Martucciello

Francesco Coppola

Daniele Barbato

Technical Management
Gerardo Di Dato (Pasticceria Di Dato)


Joining the Italian Consortium of Artesan panettone (CIPA) means benefiting from a series of services:

  • free seminars on the production of panettone, from the first phase to the improvement with renowned master bakers and packaging experts;
  • tasting events and combinations of and with the artisan panettone;
  • graphic consultancy for packaging and activity, offered by highly professional graphic designers (on payment with convention); services offered by Confartigianato, our partner (Artigiancassa, etc.);
  • business consulting offered by our partners;
  • conventions with leading national insurance groups;
  • seminars and tastings of raw materials companies for the production of artisan panettone;
  • participation of the Consortium Brand in national and international trade fairs;
  • mention of individual artisan companies and member companies on the consortium’s website;
  • privileged agreements with member and non member companies for the purchase of raw materials and accessories for the production and packaging.

Requirements for consortia

The company that believes it is a member of the Italian Consortium of Artesan panettone must have the following characteristics:

  • Be located in the Italian territory
  • To be regularly registered at the Chamber of Commerce of the territorial area in which he resides.
  • To carry out activities aimed at the production of products or services related to the production and sale of Artisan panettone.
  • To carry out activities at artisan level in the confectionery sector.
  • To produce panettone using the permitted ingredients.
  • Statute of the C.I.P.A. Consortium.
  • C.I.P.A. Membership Card
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